Automatic Transmission Problems with cars

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Automatic Transmission Service

Transmission repairs or replacements are inconvenient, stressful or quite expensive so its always good to pay attention to any activity that seems unusual .

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is the life blood of the transmission since it is lubricates, cleans and conditions the seals and acts as hydraulic fluid.

Automatic Transmission Fluid
Automatic Transmission Fluid

If the fluid is too low, the engine will seize up and stop working completely.
ATF is bright red in color, clean and smells good if everything is working correctly.
if the fluid is dark or it has a burnt smell, then its time to get the fluid flushed or changed and may be it needs some repair.Unlike the other oils used in the car, the ATF is not consumed by the car, so if the level is low then there is a leak somewhere and it must be fixed.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Color Change
Automatic Transmission Fluid Color Change

How to detect any problems in automatic transmission system in your car?

  • While driving the car, it hesitates or refuses to go into gear.
  • When you shift into ‘Drive’ or ‘Park’ gear, you encounter a delay before you feel the gear engage, this may be usually a transmission based concern.
  • Leaking or low level of ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid).
  • Buring smell caused by the overheating of ATF due to low fluid level or using incorrect brand or type of ATF.
  • Sometimes ‘Check Engine Light’ will be ON in your car’s dashboard if there is any problem with the transmission system.

How can we prevent the transmission problems and expensive repairs of your car?
Make sure the ATF is replaced at specific intervals as mentioned in your car owner’s manual along with replacing the filter. Also it is equally important to use the right type of ATF suited for your car.
This preventive maintenance can keep your car running longer and minimize the bigger transmission problems and expensive repair bills down the road.

How to perform the automatic transmission service ?
There are two methods for performing the transmission service:-
Flush: This method uses a professional machine to completely flush all the transmission fluid from your vehicle to remove some grime and contaminants. This process runs a special solution through the lines until they come completely clean and fills up with the new fluid.

Change:This method simply drains out the old fluid using natural gravitational forces, but it doesn’t not out the contaminants.

Some vehicles do not recommend doing a ‘Flush’ method, which will be mentioned in the car owner’s manual.

In short, always refer your car owner’s manual to check for the right type of transmission method, type of transmission fluid and correct interval for performing the transmission service.

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