Benefits of Regular Tire Rotation for cars

Tire Rotation
Tire Rotation process is required if you want to get the most life possible from your car tires.

By doing periodic tire rotation you are not only getting more life on the tread, but also experience better vehicle handling, increased gas mileage and save your money over the long term.

Tyre Rotation Process
Tyre Rotation Process

1: Extended Tire Tread Life:
Tires are tend to wear unevenly due to several factors like terrain,temperature and driving habits.
Pattern wear can develop if the same tire is used in the same direction for several thousands of mile.
Pattern wear can be avoided by changing the tires, performed by moving the front tires to the back and vice versa.
Also it is noted that including the spare tires in the rotation can increase the life of all the tyres by 20%.

Tire Rotation Methods
Tire Rotation Methods

2: Increase Vehicle Performance
Avoiding tire rotation for a long time can affect the performance, riding comfort and stabilty of your vehicle.
Also it is noted that when the tires are unequally stressed due to differences in wear, road friction is created, which may lead to loss of balance and front-end misalignment.

3: Increase gas mileage
Doing regular tire rotation help the engine to run more smoothly and efficiently,decreasing the amount of gas it takes to run the car resulting in giving more gas mileage.

4: Save Money
Doing regular tire rotation avoids costly mechanical repairs, save money on gas and on the purchase of new tires by extending the tire life of the current one as much as possible.

How often should we perform the tire rotation?
Its a good idea to get your car tire rotated by an experienced technician every time you take your car for a periodic service.

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