Auto Brake service, repairs or replacements

Auto Brake System – Services, Repairs & Replacements
The vehicle brake system is one of the critical and vital safety system in your automobile.

Auto Brake System – Basic Functioning
Braking system functions by applying friction to the wheels. When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, the master cylinder forces brake fluid via brake lines into the wheel cylinders.
This activates the brake pad which rub against the rotor and slows down your vehicle.

Watch for Brake problem warning signs yourself:-

  • Brake Warning light is ON in the dashboard.
  • The vehicle pulls to one side when braking instead of stopping in a straight line.
  • Unwanted noise while applying the brake.
  • Vibration of steering wheel while applying the brake.
    If you are experiencing any of the above signs while driving, get your brakes checked at Al Nahdha Auto, Ras-Al-Khor for a complete brake inspection. Our experienced technicians perform visual inspection and recommend for brake service/repair/replacement/top-up if required.

    How we attend the brake system checking?
    Our experienced technicians in Al Nahdha Auto, Ras-Al-Khor visually look the brake system components like brake pad and brake disc for signs of wear, damage, cracks or any other unwanted signs.
    Look for Brake pedal firmness or brake warnings using computer(if required).
    Check for any abnormal noises or vibration.

    What different measurements are undertaken to attend various auto brake system issues?
    Inspect brake pads:- Sometimes brake pads need to be replaced if they have worn thin below the run out range specified for your vehicle brand.
    Inspect brake fluid:- Sometimes instead of replacing the brake pads, your car needs just brake fluid top-up.
    Inspect brake lines:- Sometimes the vehicle’s brake lines need to replaced if it is faulty or damaged.
    Inspect brake rotor:- Sometimes brake rotors become distorted when it is exposed to too much heat or being tightened improperly.
    Replace or have an experienced mechanic resurface, or turn, distorted rotors.

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