Catalytic Converter Inspection

Catalytic Converter in Automobiles
Catalytic Converter is a vital part of the automobile exhaust system.It converts the harmful compounds in exhaust to harmless compounds.
Keeping a catalytic converter clean plays a significant role to keep your car running smoothly.

Basic Functionality in Nutshell
Hot exhaust gases exit your engine and head through your exhaust to the catalytic converter. Inside this expanded tube, there is massive network of ceramics which has been coated with compounds that react with exhaust to eliminate harmful emissions.The converter works in conjunction with Oxygen sensor to come up with cleanest possible exhaust.

The three most harmful emissions from the exhaust are

  • Hydrocarbons (in the form of burned gasoline)
  • Carbon Monoxide(formed by combustion of gasoline)
  • Nitrogen oxides(created when heat in the engine forces the Nitrogen in the air to combine with Oxygen)

Catalytic Converter when fails, needs replacing .
We , At Nahdha Auto, Ras-Al-khor also inspect the below conditions of your vehicle before replacing the catalytic converter.

  • Engine out of tune
  • Excess fuel entering the exhaust
  • Oil or anti freeze entering the exhaust
  • Deteriorated Spark plug & spark plug wires
  • oxygen sensor not functioning properly
  • Road Damage or broken Hangers


Watch for the below signs, don’t wait to take your vehicle to an expert technician.

  • Low engine Power
  • Abnormal high fuel consumption
  • Noise from exhaust system

We at Al Nahdha Auto, Ras-Al-Khor are fully equipped to assist you with any issues related to your car’s heart of exhaust system , the catalytic converter.

Attend to your car’s exhaust system faults immediately and be part of saving our world from disasters like Global Warming.

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