Computerized Car Diagnostics

Importance of Vehicle Diagnostics:
Vehicle Diagnostics is a very useful tool as it enables technicians to easily identify problems and repair them as quickly as possible.Most modern cars can generate many fault codes which get stored in vehicle’s memory system.
This is very important since minor faults can be identified at an earlier stage before it gets escalated to complex and expensive problems.

Get to know the Dashboard Lights:
Many warning lights indicate that a fault has occurred inside your vehicle, but it doesn’t pinpoint the item or system that has failed.In this case the computer diagnosis can help to determine the part that needs attention.

Check Engine Light ON :
This is the best scenario where your vehicle needs to be taken for a proper computer diagnosis.
The list of reasons that can trigger a check engine light illuminated is pretty lengthy.
It can be due to a simple loose gas cap to a big faulty fuel injector problem.

Check Engine Light ON
Check Engine Light ON

You think that your car could be driving just fine, but you may be wasting fuel or emitting lots of pollution or sometimes even damaging your car engine.
So never ever ignore a check engine light ON warning light shown on your vehicle dashboard.

Major reasons that can trigger Check Engine Light on:
1) Wet Engine
2) Blown gasket head
3) Faulty Oxygen Sensors
4) Worn out Spark Plugs or spark plug wires
5) Sticky exhaust gas re circulation valves
6) Pinched or deteriorated fuel injector O-rings
7) Malfunctioning Mass Air Flow Sensor
8) Faulty Ignition coil
9) Dead battery and charging system

Check Battery Light ON:

Check Battery Light

If your check Battery Light is ON and remains ON while driving , it is safer to take your car to the nearest auto repair or service station.
You may think that your car is running just fine until the battery drains out completely.At that point nothing in your car will work.

Things to be taken care while driving with Check Battery Light ON
1) Try not to make more demands on your car battery by turning off all unnecessary auto accessories like interior lights, radio and a/c system.
2) Avoid turning off your engine as there is a chance that the engine won’t start again.

Check Oil Pressure Warning Light ON:

Check Oil Pressure Light ON
Check Oil Pressure Light ON

If the light stays, it indicates loss of oil pressure. You need to act to this warning light immediately, otherwise your engine will die eventually.
Seek professional help to check if oil level is correct.
At Al Nahdha Auto,Ras-Al-Khor, Dubai our technicians are trained to identify the correct fault codes and suggest or perform appropriate repair action.

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