Lexus Specialized Repair and Service Garage

Lexus Repair Specialist Auto garage Dubai
Cheap and Best Lexus Repair and Service Dubai

Affordable Lexus Repair in Dubai
We are specialized in offering all general and complicated repairs associated with the Lexus cars (GCC and American Specifications). We have a well trained row of experienced technicians specialized in Lexus Repair and Service having past experience with dealers. We make sure to use the proper Toyota recommended Diagnostic Tool GTS for computerized diagnosis and further programming and customization if required.

Special Lexus Equipment Diagnostic Tool:

Lexus Specialist Garage Dubai
Lexus Specialist Garage Dubai

Services offered for Lexus:

  • Lexus Routine Maintenance Service
  • Lexus Computerized Vehicle Health Check-Up
  • Lexus Brake Jobs
  • Lexus Computerized Brake (ABS) Bleeding and Programming
  • Lexus Air Bag System Check/Repair
  • Lexus AC Jobs
  • Lexus Suspension Jobs
  • Lexus Battery and Charging system Check/Repair
  • Lexus Lighting System Check/Repair
  • Lexus Door Lock System Check/Repair
  • Lexus Radar and Cruise Control Inspection

Lexus Spare Parts

If you are looking for genuine Lexus spare parts, leave the worry with us, we provide the genuine Lexus spare parts at competitive price. Click here for quick appointment

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