Safe floor mat use in vehicles

Do you know that floor mats in car can cause potential driving hazards?
Floor mats are essential to keep your car floor clean, but if they are used wrongly it can invite troubles like make you think you need a car repair or in the worse case even catastrophic accident.

How floor mat placed inside your car can cause potential driving hazard?
If the floor mat is not fitted or secured properly, it can roll up and get stuck under the brake pedal, which results in decreased braking ability.
It can get caught under the gas pedal and results in sluggish acceleration.
It can even catch the gas pedal and hold the throttle wide open and results in unintended acceleration.

Car Floor Mat Hazards- acceleration pedal block
Car Floor Mat Hazards- acceleration pedal block
car floor mat hazards - loose mats
car floor mat hazards – loose mats

What are the measures that you can follow for the safe floor mat use in your vehicle?

  • Make sure you get a good floor mat that is designed specifically for your vehicle.
  • Make sure clips or hooks are used to keep it in place.
  • Never use more than one set of floor mats at a time
  • Never add towels or other items in addition or instead of floor mats
  • Read the warning label on your factory floor mats, if it has.
  • If the retention hooks are broken or missing, get it replaced.
safe floor cat mat use in vehicles
safe floor cat mat use in vehicles

What are the features that are critical to the safe functioning of the driver’s side of the auto floor mat?
1: Fit : Make sure you are using custom fit mat that will prevent movement, that can interfere with the vehicle controls hampering the operation of brake & accelerator pedal.

2: Backing : Custom fit carpets should be equipped with an engineered backing that meets an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specification.

3: Retention System: Even with a custom fit mat with an engineered backing it is critical to use a good retention system. Retention system must be properly developed to avoid disengagement while driving and should not be able to separate from the mat. This is achieved by using clips or hooks to help prevent movement.

In fact it is interesting to know that one of the major brand of car have even recalled their cars due to defective floor-mats and gas pedals.

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