Service Maintenance Schedule

Recommended Routine Car Maintenance Checklist

Doing periodic vehicle maintenance and service increases the life of  your vehicle and save your money from expensive repairs.In addition to the above your vehicle will reduce unexpected breakdowns, ensure safety, reliability, sustains vehicle performance and maintain its value.

However always refer the car owner’s manual for the particular service and intervals required.

Click Here to Download the complete Car_Maintainenance_Schedule_Checklist followed in
Al Nahdha Auto , Ras-Al-Khor

Periodic Maintenance Schedule
No: 5000 kms 10000 kms 20000 kms 40000 kms 80000 kms
1 All Doors Hinges & Lock L L L L L L=Lubricate
2 Front & Rear Wiper Blades I I I I I T=Tighten
3 Internal Lights & Gauges I I I I I R=Replace
4 Operation: Lights,Horns , Wipers & Washers I I I I I I=Inspect/Top-up
5 Power Window/Moon roof Operation I I I I I C=Clean
6 All Seat Belts Operations I I I I I A=Adjust
7 CO/Idle Speed A A A
8 Brake Pedal Play I I I I
9 Check/Adjust Toe-in I/A I I I I
10 Air Bag(SRS) System Inspect every 10 years
11 Timing Belt Replace every 100,000 kms pre 2000 models & 150,000 kms post 2000 models
12 Spark Plugs Replace every 100,000Kms (Break seal & re-torque at every 40,000 kms)
13 Air Filter I C C R R
14 Coolant I I I Replace with SLLC
15 Battery Electrolyte & Connections I C&L C&L C&L C&L
16 Air Conditioner Filter I&R I&R I&R
17 Brake Fluid I I I drain & bleed drain & bleed
18 Power Steering Fluid I I I I I
19 Drive Belts I I I I I
20 Cooling & Heater Hoses I I I I I
21 PCV Value Hoses & Connections I I I I I
22 Charcoal Canister I I I
23 Windsheild Fluid I I I I I
24 A/C Refrigerant(Slight Glass) I I I I I
25 CB Points/Condensor R R R
26 Engine Oil & Oil Filter R R R R R
27 ATM(WS) * 1 Fluid Visual Inspection for leakage only R
28 Brake Pipes & Hoses I I I I I
29 Fuel Lines & Connections I I I I I
30 Steering Wear & Leaks I I I I I
31 Steering Knuckle Grease(if fitted) L L L L L
32 Drive Shaft Boots I I I I I
33 Ball Joints & Dust Cover I I I I I
34 Ball Joints Grease L L L
35 Fr. & Rr. Suspension, Bushes & Shock Absorber I I I I
36 Exhaust Pipes & Mounting I I I I I
37 Brake Pads, Discs & Shoes I I I/C I/C I/C
38 Parking Brake A A A A
39 Wheel Bearing Grease L L L
40 All Tyre Condition & Pressure I/A I/A I/A I/A I/A


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